Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift of Hope

Last weekend we had our parade here in Arlington. This year The Relay for Life decided to have a float to let all know that we are very active here. Since I was the one that suggested it I became chair of it. We wanted to let everyone know that Relay is different from other groups in that it supports all type of cancer and not just one. Yes I know that is it not very Christmasie(not sure this is a real word) but we wanted show the true meaning of Realy and what it stood for and the float name was "Gift of Hope".

While working on this project it brought back many feelings and I did a lot of refecting about this horrible disease that effects so many. It can evoke angry, saddness, helplessness, lose, hope, fear and many more. It doesn't matter if it is a family member, friend, someone that you realy don't know or a beloved pet it effects you. That is the reason I became involved with Relay many years ago. As my Aunt had just been diagnoised with cancer, since then I have lost her and another Aunt has had two rounds with bladder cancer,a great friend has beat breast cancer, an Uncle has dealt with one type and just found out he has another type, friends have watched their Dad's fight the battle, friends and family have just recently have lost pets to it, MY DAD and the list goes on. It hurts no less if it is one person or many. So durning this season please remember that their are many that have been effected by cancer.

I know that they don't actually hold their events until the spring, but you can still donate to the Relays for 2012 now. In this season what better way to remeber someone you have lost or honor someone who is fighting that battle now.


Subriagirl said...

Home computer messing up, dang it. Must be time for a new one!

It's wonderful to have a passion for what you believe in.. RELAY for Life is one of mine. Since dad was invaded by cancer and has lost: a kidney, his bladder, and his prostrate.... not a kind germ to be sure.

Hugs to you girl...and I miss you sooo much!


Cyndi Watkins said...

The float looks great!