Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Red Couch has a new mate

Well the picture doesn't do it justice. I couldn't get the colors to pop like they do in real life. I went to lunch the other day at Bosco on the Square and this was hanging by the table. The whole lunch I was looking at it and thinking that it would be so great by the red couch. So I took the plunge and bought my very first piece of original art work by SKY. It is a little funky and so artsy. It looks right at home with the colors in the room. So here is another first for me and I must say that I have really enjoyed getting to know myself and doing things for me.


Cyndi and Shelby said...

I tried to Google this artist, "Sky," but it is too common a word. I even Googled "Memphis Sky Bosco's Art," but to no avail. I wonder where we could see more of this artist's work. Maybe I'll have to go to Bosco's.


Dianne Q Adams said...

Oh, I love your new piece of art. Good for you..glad you're doing things for yourself. It doesn't always come easy, does it.