Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthday Thoughts

rEven at 44 you must keep up with the trends. Cupcakes are it. My girls(Stephenie, Emily and
Tori) made me a giant one to celebrate my birthday. Mom took all the family out to Steak and Shake for dinner tonight. There are sometimes that a burger and fries with a coke is so good. Tonight was one of them.
Yes they let us light this fire risk in the restaurant. I have you know that I blew out all 44 candles plus the ? in one breath while making a wish! And no spit on the cake. So I guess this old girl still has it.

Here are the 3 bakers. They were so sneaky about making this to surprise me with it.
As I look back over the past 44 years there have been good times, bad times, tough times and times that I would not like to repeat. But I have been blessed with many great things, family, friends and that is what I plan to focusing on this year. So tomorrow on 01.10.10 I will start the 44th year of my life looking for Sunshine and Sliver Linings.
PS! Even though I am trying to look for the positive in everything. I am still learning to live with out my Dad here to be apart of it. The positive side is I had 43 year 7 months and 28 days of love and memories of my Dad and no one can take them from me.