Thursday, December 31, 2009

Word for 2010

As I have been thinking of my word for the NEW YEAR one has not jumped out at me like in the past several years. I was talking with a friend in sunny CA the other day via instant messagener(man computers are great) and as we were talking it occurred to me that instead of a word for 2010 I really want to have a different attitude. I use to really try and most of the time did find the positive in all situations and life occurrences. As most of you know this past couple of years has thrown me multiple bad things back to back and my attitude has taken a real shift to the negative. It seems that once you start down this path it is very hard to get back on the positive path. So instead of a word for 2010 I am going take an attitude change. I have several things that I am going to do to help with this along the way. I have them ready to go and will start on 01.01.10 to incorpate them. So, as those of you that cross my path in the coming year and see that ugly NEGATIVISM coming out, if you would gentle remind me to see the sliver lining, it would great be appreciated.

As I say good bye to 2009 the 43 year of my life I said good bye to my Daddy and Daddy T. These men played a very big part in my life and will be greatly missed for years to come. I also said good bye to alot of money that went on the house and hopefully the big stuff is done for awhile. Of cousre I still have small things left to do and many are non-money projects, just getting done projects. I did do more going green this past year and look forward to the challenge of doing more in 2010. As with most years people came into and left my life. Stepehenie did get through several sickness and will be able to go back to school on Jan 4th. I saw my first born Michael turn 21 and turning into a great young man loving life. Lived through Stephenie turning 16 and getting her license and experiencing that freedom. Learned how to go places by myself which is very hard for me, I am doing it enjoying it. Am learning what and who I am and boy at times that was scary.

GOODBYE TO 2009 and WELCOMING 2010 WITH OPEN ARMS. Ready to learn to embrace life!

Monday, December 21, 2009

21 years ago today......

I was blessed with this precious gift! Just in time for Christmas Michael arrived 4 weeks early to celebrate it. He has blessed my life in more ways than he will ever know. As I wonder where the past 21 years have gone I remember the good and bad times. I will be the first to admit he and I have faced a few trails over the past 21 years but not to an avail. I think he is finding his way in life. He may not be doing the way I had planned for him 21 years ago, when I first welcomed him into this world but he is doing it his way. As we all know we must do it on our own. He has turned into a wonderful young man with a love for live that makes me envious. He has the looks of the other most special man in my life my Dad. I look at this handsome young man and wonder how did I get so luck to be blessed with this most SPECIAL young man. I am honored to have him call me Mom. Happy Birthday my first born and FAVORITE son. I love you and am proud of you! So now go out and celebrate your life and keep doing for many more years!

**Photo taken by Marci Lambert.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa is Coming to Town

Here is a small shrine that I did for Rock Candy Studios. I used a preformed tri folded shrine on which I placed the vintage Santa image, added a couple of the metal snowflakes, stamped swirl and to finish it off white Dresden foil brocade trim.