Thursday, October 15, 2009

No so Haunted House

My friend Cyndi and I went to Hobby Lobby one Saturday way back in the summer and both bought these really cool paper mach houses. Well then I got to looking through all my cool RockCandy stash and this is what you get. I covered the roof with Ten Second Studios metal that had been cuddled bugged and sanded, covered the walls with some paper that I have been waiting on the right project to use it on, add a spider web, glasses with eyes, ghost to the windows, happy moon, puzzle pieces for the broken brick on the chimney, arch way for the door and of course some of the great Dresden Foil trim. For more pictures of this house go to RockCandy Studios blog.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Witchy Woman

Here is a little piece to start off the Halloween season. I used the sliver tape embossed with the cuddle bug and then made a box, painted the inside black. On the front I used an archway that I cut the strips out of, then to finish off the edges I used two types of Dresden foil trim. Please keep checking out RockCandy's blog for more up dates.

Yes I know that the witch is naked. That is the charm of the stamp from Oxford Impressions' Wicked Collection. You need to check out their web site to see all of their new stamps that have been release in the last few months.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's My Month

to have some of my art work on RockCandy Studios blog. They have the most awesome items for the Mixed Media world. Check out their blog for great creative inspiration from many great artist. Then check out their web store for the items to make your your art come alive.
In the piece above I used their gold shallows and embossed them with black embossing powder.
Check back for other pieces through out this month.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Outlook

Man a whole month has past since I last posted and it seems that I have been stimulating the economy a lot. I am hoping that in 2010 everything is fixed and I can stimulate the economy for fun and not because something needs to be fixed.

Yes I have a new OUTLOOK that is from the new windows that we now have in the house. I figured that since the President is giving me back some of the money that I have paid in I might better take advantage of it. So I took the plunge and ordered all 16 of the windows. I thought that I was going to be helping the guy put them. Well his interruption was a little different and he thought that he was only going to show me how to do. So after he put in the 4 small ones in the front that flank the large picture windows, it was my turn to take over. As he left he made the comment that I would be lucky to get 2 or 3 of them done on Saturday. Well as many of you know that only got my dander up. So after a quick lunch with Stephenie. I headed home and to work I went. A mere 5 hours later I had all of the windows installed and my new OUTLOOK began. It is so nice to have clean windows to look out of and be able to open them to enjoy this wonderful fall weather we are having.

Well this big project was another of those first that I have had to face since Daddy's death. I am hoping that he is looking down on me and saying job well done and I am proud of you. He is one of the main reasons I am able to do all that I can do.

I will be posting art work soon as I am the featured designer for RockCandy Studios this month.