Thursday, June 26, 2008


You are turning into such a wonderful young lady. I am so proud to call you my niece. You are beautiful inside and out. Wishing you a great day of good MEMORIES!
We love you,
Uncle Bill, Aunt Michelle and Stephenie

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

AO Shadow Box(finally)

Here is the way that summer should be spent. This is the summer cabin image from Artist Outpost. I stamped the image and placed it in a shadow box and add sand, shells and message in a bottle from RockCandy. AO is announcing their newest plate "Keeper". For a sneak peek sale for only $9.99 you are getting 7 deeply etched images that include a snapshot of a boy with his first catch and a scenic view of a wonderful summer cabin. See post below for more examples of this GREAT new plate.


Artistic Outpost is announcing their newest plate "Keeper". It features nostalgic images from the lazy, hazy days of summer. On this plate you get 7 deeply etched images, including a snapshot of a boy with his first catch and a scenic view of a wonderful summer cabin. Sneak Peek sale of $9.99 for subscribers for the Keeper plate. Sale will end June 30th.

I have included a few examples of the great things you can do with the GREAT new plate of stamps. I will try and get the shadow box to upload tomorrow,but for some reason it will not do it tonight.

This one of the hottest thing around now. This is a clear card. Stamped with the fishing lure in black on the clear card, the other images are stamped on brown paper and placed on the card.

This is the inside of the mini book. It has the sentiment on the left and a small journal on the right that can be pulled and have your summer memories recorded on for those long winters days ahead. The pin nib is from RockCandy.

The front of the mini book.

Tag that was done with the she is a fisher of men stamp. I colored in the image with distress inks from Ranger. The tag is from RockCandy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

ArtistScape Tag

As you all know that I went to ArtistScape last weekend where we had a college tag contest. We were to use the color backgrounds and techniques that Roxi and Candice taught us. Well I didn't win, but I did make to Roxi's blog. My mentor and GREAT friend. As many of you know, but for the ones of you who don't she is why I am here enjoying the art that I do now. I love her for it. Robyn another good friend did win and she used one of her new stamps from AO. So check out some great artwork. I have links to several great sites for art.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hero Angel

In Honor of all the HERO'S that have given me the FREEDOM I have today I did this canvas. It all started when I was putting up my treasures from Art Escape last Saturday. I got a lot of stamps with Flags and the Statue of Liberty and that got my mind to churning. On the drive home the rest can together. I took time out tonight and did the canvas. All stamped images are from Artistic Outpost the new Hero plate.

A "Little" AO

Here is a 8 x 10 canvas I did for Artist Outpost. I did either an inchie or moo card from each of the plates so far. Where the space is left I filled it on Saturday with an image from the new Hero Plate. I had to scan it before I completed it on Saturday. I might be able to get Robyn to rescan it for me. I have so enjoyed using the wonderful images Robyn has created. Just thought that I would share a "little" art with you all. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Day of Art

Saturday was a great and relaxing day with several friends. I went to Jackson to Art Escape that the stamp club there puts on each year. Every year they make it better and better. It is so awesome what 14 women can do for 50 other women. They had 4 vendors that each had a unique product to offer.

Robyn and Shelly with Artist Outpost were there for their first show and had a great respond to their great new line of stamps. Candice and Roxi announced their new company that will open on line on August the 1st named RockCandy. They will have all kinda of trinkets and treasure to fill the Mix Media Artist's heart. Michelle Cavello had TLC scrap booking items and announced her new business of Words on the Wall. Roann had her calligraphy cards and stamps.

We had a day full of projects, shopping and fun. It was so nice to learn new art techniques and have fun creating with friends.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monkie Update

Here is a picture of Stephenie and Ronnie from Epcot in FL. She is down there with her Dad, Step Mom, Michael, Step brother Brandon and Step Sister Ronnie. I will be in big trouble when she gets back and discovers that I have posted the wonderful picture on my blog.
This is one of those bitter sweet weeks in my life. I am sooooooo glad that she is having fun, but am sooooooo sad that she is gone for a week.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jose Update

First off let me say THANK YOU for all the prayers and thoughts today durning Jose's surgery. He came through well. He is in some pain and very tired. When we left tonight he was getting ready to got to sleep. The kids got to see him for a little while and it easied their fears. The looks on their faces when they saw that their Dad was okay was PRICELESS. Susan is staying the night and will be there tomorrow to take him home. I will be taking his parents back in the morning and they will also stay with him until he comes home. Some people will do anything to have a whole week to rest for their brthday. (His is Friday)

The Lord is with us in all things and so far he has held Jose in his hands and will continue to do so until his recovery is complete.